Zebra Ltd. Edition Sarasa Grand Brass Pen - Antique Edition - Black

Sometimes you want to write with a pen that feels more substantial in your hand.  The Sarasa Grand accomplishes this for you as the pen body is nicely weighted due to it being made of brass.  The spring loaded clip is made of metal and underneath the clip you can see a little window that gives you a glimpse of your refill.  The body colour of the pen corresponds to the colour of the ink that is included with a .5mm tip.  Don't let that stop you from creating your own perfect colour combination though.  Any of the Sarasa Gel Clip Refills will work in the Sarasa Grand.  A fantastic option as a gift for someone (or yourself) the Sarasa Grand will surely please.
While the current lineup is a color coated brass, this limited edition set adds a twist by keeping the bottom half polished and uncoated to show off a gold contrast for that antique touch. Like the original Grands, they have a great weight and balance to them and can accommodate any Sarasa Select refill so you can customize your pen as you choose.

Refills available: https://www.paperpluscloth.com/search?type=product&q=vintage+refills
Weight:  24grams