Zebra ClickArt Markers - 36pc Carrying Case

You have just finished a marathon creative session, supplies are all around you and now its time to tidy up.  As you are putting everything away you realise you can't find the cap to  your favourite marker.  The joy you were experiencing from creating starts to diminish as you come to the reality that it is only a matter of time before that marker dries up and is no longer useable.  What if we told you that there is a marker that no longer uses caps.  That the marker is retractable like a ballpoint pen and with a simple click your marker is protected and ready for use another day.  The Zebra ClickArt markers have water based ink, come in 36 different colours and take away all of your missing cap worries.  The specially formulated ink stays wet by absorbing moisture from the air and is formulated to last for a full year, as long as the marker is retracted when not in use. I think it's time for another creative session, don't you?

Size: .6mm felt tip
Weight: 8 grams per pen
Colours:  Black (1), Blue (2), Red (3), Green (4), Yellow (5), Brown (6), Pink (7), Purple (8), Orange (9), Gray (10), Light Blue (11), Light Green (12), Light Brown (13), Cherry Pink (15), Dark Brown (16), Peachy Pink (17), Blue Black (19), Blue Green (20), Smoky Blue (21), Pale Blue (22), Red Black (23), Viridian (24), Magenta (25), Pale Orange (26), Salmon Pink (27), Green Black (28), Red Orange (29), Blue Gray (31), Aqua Blue (32), Baby Red (33), Leaf Green (34), Marigold (35), Cocoa Brown (36), Lavender (37), Mint Green (38), Turquoise Blue (39)