Yuruliku FU-TO Envelope Pen Case - Brown


*For case ONLY. Pens and supplies used in photo are for demonstration purposes only.

This is the Yuruliku FU-TO Envelope Pen Case in Beige. The material of this product uses high-quality Japanese canvas that is carefully woven with a shuttle loom. After being dyed with natural dyes containing tannins contained in plants (mimosa, chestnut, etc.), it is washed with a washer for a long time to give it a worn in, well loved, slightly wrinkled look. Top stitching is used sparingly to give an even softer look. A great soft case for pens or even glasses.

Material: Tannin-dyed canvas, cow leather, lining cotton
Size: W87mm x H200mm

Yuruliku is a stationery brand established in 2005 by design duo - Koushi Ikegami and Kinue Oneda. Based in Tokyo Japan, the brand Yuruliku was named by combining the words "yururi", which means "relaxing", with "yukkuri", which means "slowly" in Japanese. Yuruliku produces intentional products using high quality materials. Yuruliku products are all handmade by a skilled craftsman in the Shitamachi area of Tokyo. As a used-to-be sewer who worked in apparel design for many years, I adore every little detail in these cases. They are minimal and simple but you can see the love, care and quality that went into each item!