Yamamoto Paper Tasting - Washi Vol.2

Yamamoto Paper

Specialists in the paper, Yamamoto Paper Co. has put together these wonderful sets of paper, titled Paper Tastings.

Find your pen friendly paper
“Japanese notebooks are pen friendly and there are so many types of paper. I want to get more knowledge about them.” This product was born from such a conversation with a friend abroad. Paper Tasting is a test writing pad to enjoy writing comfort. Like wine tasting, you can try various kinds of paper and find your favorite pen friendly paper. Also, these products are packaged with paper descriptions and paper classification table so that you can know more deeply about paper made in Japan. Just like hearing a lot of knowledge from a wine sommelier.
We are planning to continue the series in the future and going to provide even deeper knowledge through it.

Paper tasting WASHI vol.2

B7 Yoshi Washi
Production areas: FUKUI prefecture / This Paper's material is the high quality yoshi, a type of reed, was collected for the production of traditional Japanese instruments, in particular the Shō (instrument).

A6 Sheep Clouds Washi
Production areas: EHIME prefecture / This Washi has a texture almost as sheep clouds, but it is suitable for offset printing. This contradiction was solved due to unique process of paper making.

B6 Kinkakuden
Production areas: KOCHI prefecture / Kin Kaku Den was developed as a Washi paper suitable for offset printing. The name was inspired by the glimmering light reflected off of the main hall of the temple. Kin Kaku Den was commonly used in letter sets and for prayer writing by Buddhist monks. Unfortunately the mill was closed due to the retirement of their paper master in 2018.

Each Paper tasting contains 3 different pads of Japanese paper in 3 sizes: B7(97x128mm), A6(105x148mm), and B6(128/182mm).