Ro-Biki Note Canvas Cover - Soft Blue

Yamamoto Paper

*Please note cover does not include supplies. Supplies in photo are for demonstration purposes only.

The Ro-biki Note Canvas Cover is made of soft cotton and is used to store your Ro-Biki notebooks as well as other small stationery supplies. The zippered pocket on the door is useful for storing pens, receipts, and small supplies that need to be secured. There are various pockets throughout and the whole unit can be held closed with the velcro tab. Slip the back cover of one Ro-Biki note in the large pocket opening and join additional notebooks with elastics or hold them within the cover loosely and secure together with velcro tab. Can house up to 5 RO-BIKI notes.

Size:  Width: 115mm × length: 213mm × Thickness: 15mm