Yamamoto Paper - Cosmo Note Notebook

Yamamoto Paper

In 2019, at the San Francisco Pen Show, Yamamoto debuted their Cosmo Air Light paper. They claim it's the best fountain pen friendly paper around.  Many fountain pen lovers agree because of the way they are able to see the high contrast, sheen and shading on the page as well as how vibrant their inks are.  When the paper debuted it was only available in packages of  loose leaf sheets or taster packs and it quickly sold out.  Demand was high.  Yamamoto decided to create a notebook with the highly coveted paper and the Cosmo Note was born. The notebook is an A5 size with a stitched binding ensuring that the notebook lays flat when open.  Each notebook comes with a double sided underlay guide that has a 12mm lined rule on one side and on the reverse a 6mm grid. It is a fantastic notebook with paper that really highlights any ink that you use for writing or for sketching.  

Size:  A5
Paper Weight:  83g
Paper Colour:  soft white
Number of Pages:  176
Ink Drying Time:  similar to Tomoe River paper