Written Word Calligraphy - Modern Calligraphy Inkwell + Pen Rest

Written Word Calligraphy

Karen Lim is a modern calligrapher, designer and calligraphy educator based in Vancouver, Canada.  She has designed a beautiful calligraphy collection that we are excited to carry. Her brand, Written Word Calligraphy specializes in gorgeous calligraphy products for beginners and stationery lovers.

This modern inkwell and pen rest is your answer to the never-ending problem of not knowing where to put your pen when you just want to take a quick break. The inkwell is designed to hold many different kinds of ink bottles or you can fill the 1 oz ink bottle included with your own ink. The chopstick-inspired groove was created for resting your pen. A beautiful addition to any desk, this set is also perfect for gift giving as it is packaged in a luxury paper box with a gold foil sleeve.

Inkwell: 4.5 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

Ink Bottle with Bamboo lid: 1 oz
Material: aluminum alloy in a brass coloured finish
Ink not included