Trolls Paper Color Memo Paper

Trolls Paper

MEMO PAPER made of comfortable paper. Gently slide the box, and you'll find paper with a natural surface texture and a pleasant touch to your fingertips. In the box, there are 5 types of designs, 10 sheets each, and they are classified into two types: Frame and Color. Frame memo paper features two harmonious, rhythmic lines in two colors, and Color memo paper features a frame expressed in vintage lines. no see. Write down a simple note and use it, or say 'Thank you' or 'Happy Birthday!' It is good for writing and delivering a few messages such as 'Have a nice day', or recording a favorite phrase.

The Memo Paper box feels special because it is engraved with pigment foil on eco-friendly paper that contains residues from the processing of various ingredients . After using up the memo paper, put small items and store them.

Size: Box - w80 x d47 x h22 mm Paper - w67 x h38 mm 5 type x 10 sheet , 50 sheet
Material: FSC ecology paper