Traveler's Notebook Limited Edition Set 2022 - Passport Size - TRAIN

For 2022, Traveler's Company has carefully crafted a series of limited edition Traveler's Notebook sets inspired by an imaginary Hotel, Airline, Train and Record Label. From their website: "Each set includes TRAVELER’S notebook foil-stamped with logos, original designed refills, and customization of items such as charms and stickers. It may take a little more time before you can travel around the world freely and with peace of mind but with TRAVELER’S notebook and your imagination, you can travel anywhere at any time. Enjoy the journey of your imagination with the limited design of TRAVELER’S notebook. If you keep imagining, one day it may come true. Keep on traveling in your mind with TRAVELER’S notebook!"

The Record Label Set includes the following in a branded kraft box:

  • Branded Cotton Bag
  • Leather Cover in Black color with foil design in passport Size
  • Unique Notebook Refill in passport size
  • Brass Charm Record
  • 2 Rubber Stamps
  • Leaflet
  • 4 Unique Stickers