Traveler's Factory Limited Edition Cotton Gift Bag - Medium

This year, Traveler's Company makes the gift giving more special by offering a limited release of cotton gift bags. A reusable and more environmentally friendly way to present such a special gift. Get one while they last. 

Printed a limited edition design linked to the 2021 diary.
With the message "With books and your TRAVELER'S notebook, you can travel anywhere at any time", as a literary work that feels the world's journey, "Lemon" by Motojiro Kajii, The motifs are Kenji Miyazawa's "A restaurant with many orders", Conan Doyle's "A Study in Scarlet", Thoreau's "Forest Life", and Osamu Osamu's "One Hundred Views of Tomitake".

It is recommended to put a book in it and give it as a gift to those who like it, use it as a bag to carry books and travelers' notebooks, or use it as an eco bag because it is made of thin cotton.

This is the "Medium" sized cotton bag measuring: H360×W260mm

Made In India