Sou Sou Collaboration Fountain Pen - Hana Asobi

Katsuji Wakisaka was the first Japanese designer to work for Marimekko in 1968 and helped in developing their iconic aesthetic for organic shapes in bold colors. He returned to Japan in 1980 to start his own textile company Sou Sou with architect Hisanobu Tsujimura and producer Takeyuki Wakabayashi. These fountain pens are a fun collaboration with Sou Sou incorporating their bold patterns on these clear bodied pens. Comes with Blue-Black ink cartridge. (Refillable with Platinum cartridge refills).

Pen tip: steel, 0.3mm
Cartridge: uses Platinum cartridges

Size13.8cm × 1.3cm
Material: metal, plastic
Made in Japan