Shachihata Watashi No Iro - Irozuki - Autumn Leaves


In Japan, Hanko are seals (stamps) historically used in lieu of signatures on contracts, certificates and letters. There are various types of hanko but typically they are pressed into Shuniku - a special ink pad traditionally using vermillion colored ink for it's auspicious and historical references. The shiniku ink is a much higher quality ink pad than your typical stamp ink.

Last year a new and beautiful line of hanko ink was born through a design contest won by artist Satoru Utashiro. Shachihata liked the design idea so much they introduced these shuniku for sale and aptly named Watashi No Iro, meaning My Color. Currently only available in Japan, we are ordering some as a special order for our personal use and pleasure. They make beautiful ink pads for all kinds of stamps.