Sailor Profit Jr. +10 Yurameku Fountain Pen Set - Byakuya


This is a set that includes a 10ml mini bottle of shimmering ink, a fountain pen with a shimmering matching color, and a converter.
The fountain pen is equipped with a calligraphy nib that allows for ``bold writing'' that makes it easier to see the changing colors of the shimmering ink.

Pen body is made of a polarized pearl resin. A resin fountain pen with polarized pearls that expresses the shimmering colors of ink.
Depending on the viewing angle and how the light hits it, the colors may change or certain colors may appear or disappear.

Pen uses a brush writing nib. This special pen tip allows you to freely write thick or thin, and the thickness of the line changes depending on the writing angle, and the strength of the line changes, allowing you to write lines like calligraphy.

Size: 70 × 31 × 132mm

*This is the same nib as Fude DE Mannen (40 degrees).