Pre Order: Kokuyo Jibun Index Seal

This is a PRE ORDER item. It is expected to be ship out late September.  Please note this when placing an order for both in-stock and pre order items. If in-stock items are included with your order, they will ship out when the pre-order arrives - together.  If you prefer to receive your in-stock items earlier, please place a separate order for in-stock items.

The Kokuyo Jibun Index Seals are labels that keep your records well organized. They are designed to help access frequently used pages and include 2 sets index sheets.

The first set includes labels for 12 months by numbers 1-12 with additional tabs (in Japanese) for:

  • Annual 「年間」
  • Projects 「プロジェクト」
  • Monthly 「月間」

The second sheet includes index tabs (in Japanese) that reference the Diary and Life topics found in the Jibun Techo. They include:

  • Age chart 「年齢早見表」
  • This Year's Dreams 「今年の夢」
  • Weekly Plan 「週間計画」
  • Favorite Words 「好きな言葉」
  • Recommendations 「おすすめ」
  • Book List 「本リスト」
  • Life Dreams 「人生の夢」
  • 100 List 「100のリスト」
  • Life Plan 「人生設計」
  • Anniversary 「記念日」
  • Map 「地図」
  • Chronology 「年表年表」
  • Emergency Contact 「緊急連絡簿」

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