2023 Take A Note A6 Planner COVER - Shimmering

Take A Note

**Does not include planner. Cover only.


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The Take A Note planner was a winner of the Good Design Award in 2017, and was the first Taiwanese brand to win this distinction. It's designer, Santin Aki is both a designer and photographer. Aki's travels and collaborations with artists all over the world has influenced the evolution of the Take A Note planner. Find out more about their Good Design Award here: https://www.g-mark.org/award/describe/44751

SHIMMERING is the sparkle formed by the refraction of light cast on the water surface. It is also the moment when the bubbles burst and the water droplets fly away, leaving a lot of flickering light in the air.

The base color of the shimmering book cover is Momoshiocha (百入茶), which is a strong dark blue color which looks like it has been repeatedly dyed for hundreds of times. The inside of the book cover retains the original pure white.

Cover is made of TYVEK. The characteristics of TYVEK paper are light, thin, waterproof and tear-resistant, which protects the planner without increasing the carrying weight. The unique cloud-like fiber texture of the paper still retains the fineness of the texture after printing the color. The looming texture and white base become special mark for TYVEK paper.

Size: 45.5 x 22 x 0.2cm

Please note:

  • The Tyvek book cover and the planner's PVC transparent book cover cannot be used at the same time.
  • Vigorous or deliberate excessive rubbing may cause cracks in the fibers on the surface of the Tyvek paper, resulting in the exposure of the white fibers in the inner layer, which is a normal phenomenon.