PRE ORDER: 2022 Hobonichi Weeks COVER - Malhia Kent: Tricolore Tweed

*This is for the cover only. Hobonichi Weeks must be purchased separately. Expected shipping 5-10 days.

This is a zippers type cover that lavishly uses fabric by renowned fancy tweed maker Malhia Kent. The gorgeous, eye-catching tweed intertwines threads in various materials and colors to create a beautiful look.  

We named this fabric with a navy and red base intertwined with white and beige bold threads as Tricolore Tweed, after the area in France where Malhia Kent was born.

Look closely and you’ll be able to see all the different kinds of thread, from those that sparkle, those with a washi-like texture, to those that change their width. The threads that compose this one piece of fabric all have their own charm that you’ll never grow tired of looking at.

The zipper pull is adorned with a thick, navy grosgrain ribbon. As well as it acts as an accent, you can put your hand through the ribbon to hold the cover like a clutch bag.

Because the cover uses a tweed with a timeless quality, we chose natural leather for the interior so that you will be able to enjoy the cover for a long time. We hope you enjoy it as the leather matures and grows a sheen. It comes with one bookmark using the same natural leather. The zippered pocket on the interior is perfect for storing small items like coins.

The pen hook is designed to hold a pen by its clip.


W: 120 x H: 210 x T: 25 mm
*Specifications may vary slightly



Exterior: Acetate, nylon, etc.
Interior: Leather