Pre Order: 2022 Hobonichi Accessories - Hobonichi Pencil Board - Saul Leiter

Footprints, c. 1950
Horn & Hardart, c. 1959
Sidewalk, 1950s
©Saul Leiter Foundation
These pencil boards are specially fitted for the A6 Planner/Original size, A5 Cousin size, and Weeks/Mega Weeks size. Keeping the pencil board underneath the page you’re writing on  provides the user with a smooth and enjoyable writing experience. 

Pencil boards are recommended for users who have filled their inner pages with thick items, stickers, washi tape etc that creates an uneven writing surface or users who write with a lot of pressure and leave indentations on the following pages.

With this series of  pencil boards, you can carry around photos by American photographer and painter Saul Leiter (1923-2013).

The front of each pencil board has a  photograph of New York in the 1950s. The A6 Original/Planner size features Untitled, c. 1955, a piece where the red umbrella stands out on a wintery scene. For the A5 Cousin size,  Don’t Walk, 1952, a photograph with an interesting contrast of the red lights that shine on a dark screen and a green umbrella was chosen. The Weeks size shows Sidewalk, 1950s, a piece that captures the shadows of people walking from a window that has fogged up because of the rain. Each piece takes you to a different world by simply looking at the photograph  and allows your imagination to roam free.

The reverse side of these pencil boards are a plain gray with the name of each piece printed on the bottom. They also have a metric ruler broken down into millimeters  and a “Today” tab on the corner to mark the current page if you’d like to use the pencil board as a bookmark.

Planner/Original (A6) - W103mm x H150mm  - not including the 'Today' tab
Cousin (A5) - W142mm x H210mm - not including the 'Today' tab
Weeks/Mega Weeks - W88mm x H181mm - not including the 'Today' tab