PLUS Air-In Ltd. Edition Mt. Fuji Eraser - Blue Wrap + Blue Eraser

Plus Bungu

This is for 1 blue Mt. Fuji eraser with Blue Wrapper.

These erasers are a limited release of the popular Mt. Fuji eraser design wrapped in a lucky amulet theme. Choose from 1 of 6 unique box designs. This eraser release improves on the previous 2-tone resin design and uses 3 color tones to create move of a mountainous look as you wear away the eraser with use. Available in the following options: Blue box + blue eraser, Pink box + pink eraser, Blue-green box + green eraser, Violet box + blue eraser, Orange box + pink eraser and Mint green box + green eraser.

Size: 45mm x 60mm x 12mm