Plain Stationery Clear Stamp - Decorative Frame - Stamp

Plain Stationery

Plain Stationery is a wonderful stationery and homewares brand out of Taiwan.

This is a boxed polymer stamp in a postage design with a blank face which allows you to customize the look of the stamps by allowing the user to mix stamps within the postal frame. A 5cm acrylic block is included.

How to use:

1. Remove the transparent plastic sheet from the stamp and stick the smooth side on the acrylic block.
2. When sticking, you don’t need adhesive, just stick it directly, and can be removed and stuck repeatedly.
3. If the adhesive force of the stamp is weakened, please clean the adhesive surface of the stamp with warm water at room temperature or human body temperature, and wait for the stamp to dry It can be affixed to the acrylic block.
4. The material of this type of stamp is special. If it is exposed to light for a long time, it may turn yellow or harden. ), please store in a place out of light

Stamp measures: 

Made in Taiwan.