Pavilio Waterproof Lace Tape Mini Rosy

This Pavilio Lace Tape Mini Rosy features elaborated cutting and colorful styles from Japan.

Paper tapes are made from the quality material of PP (polypropylene) they have characteristics to absorb moisture in the surroundings, and it is not supposed to stick for a long time. Since Pavilio uses a sturdy material, it is less sticky due to aging and less yore of the tape, and even if pulled slightly it can be affixed to the target without being torn (It is difficult to cut by hand, so cut it Please use scissors when you do).

Since there is no sheer like paper, you can enjoy the color of the tape without choosing the color pattern to be affixed and this is a free expression that makes use of the contrast with the ground color of the material to be affixed is possible.

Product Info

Item Name: Mini/Rosy

Size: Width 10 mm × length 6 m

Material: PP

Color: Purple, Green