OEDA Letterpress - Masking Tape Handwritten 7 Pattern Thank You MT005

OEDA Letterpress

OEDA Letterpress is a small independent letterpress shop located in the Osaka Prefecture of Japan since December of 2013.  Each letterpress item is hand pressed on their Heidelberg letterpress machine making every single item created by the small team all the more special.  Anything from this company would make a lovely addition to your stationery collection or a treasured gift for any recipient.  

This is the second "Thank You" tape released by OEDA and it is meant to mimic a  handwritten "Thank You".   You can cut or tear the individual images into individual pieces and use them to seal envelopes or little treat bags.  This masking tape is quite sheer and the designs really stand out when used on a white background.  

Size:  20mm x 10m