OEDA Letterpress - 5 Frame Label Book - Bronze & Dark Blue

OEDA Letterpress is a small independent letterpress shop located in the Osaka prefecture of Japan since December of 2013.  Each letterpress item  is hand pressed on their Heidelberg letterpress machine making every single  item created by the small team all the more special.  Anything from this company would make a lovely addition to your stationery collection or a treasured gift for any recipient.  

This letterpress label book from OEDA encompasses 5 different label designs on one sheet, easily separated along the perforated lines.   That in itself is fantastic.  It gets better though.  You get 2 different colours of labels in each book. Each colour has 25 sheets of labels (125 individual labels per colour).  So with 250 labels per book you can label until your heart's content.  

Size:  45mm x 150mm (Can be separated at the perforation to 27mm x 45mm per rectangular label)

Bronze (25 sheets) and Dark Blue (25 sheets) for a total of 50 sheets