NEW COLOR! Uni-ball One P 0.38 Gel Pen - Papaya


 *Ink is Black

The Uniball P is a new version of Uniball One F in one of the latest new colors: Papaya.
Uniball P is a shorter, chunkier adorable version of Uniball One F.

The new P features a shorter, thicker and more compact pen body, perfect for clipping onto smaller notebooks such as a passport size. It has a metal tip that delivers the same bold, vibrant ink as its predecessor. This pen also features a stabilizer mechanism with a low center of gravity, resulting in a stable writing experience. The pen delivers bold, black ink that currently holds the Guiness Book of World Records designation for the blackest gel pen ink. Body comes in muted, modern colors. Available in a 0.38 and 0.5 tip size.