Midori Slim Pouch Diary 2020 - Denim

The Midori Slim Pouch Diary is a stylish planner and wallet system to hold your planner and secure essentials in one convenient carry-all. more. There is even an easy to access opening at the front for your cell phone. The planner incorporates monthly and weekly pages using the fountain pen friendly paper that Midori is known for. The fabric options are classic and beautifully textured, this one in a dark denim pattern.

The planner includes a 2 page per month calendar starting from October 2019 through to January 2021 followed by a 2 page per week format. The planner is stitch bound, includes 2 bookmarks, and lies flat when opened. There are 5 extra lined pages for jotting down notes and a selection of reference pages and trackers. As a Japanese planner, therefore much of the text is in Japanese, however, numbers, days of the week and months of the year are all in English.

(Package size) H195xW125xD25mm
Materials: Paper, Cotton, Polyester