Midori Paper Sticky Film - Mini Bubble Pattern

MIDORI, a Japanese stationary brand, offers a wide range of design-focused products that provide comfort and craftiness altogether.

These 150 pieces of Paper Sticky Film - Mini Bubble Pattern are available in colorful and artistic patterns. Enjoy them as notebook markers, seals or decorations. All of these can be yours or could be given as a stylish gift set.

  • Contents: 150 pieces (10 patterns x 15 pieces)
  • Dimension: H136 x W68 x D3mm (Package)


    • The ink is hard to dry, such as fountain pens and water-based ink ballpoint pens.
    • It may not stick to the surface with a rough surface, moisture, oil, dust and so on.
    • Ink or toner may stick to the adhesive surface. Please try before use.
    • Do not lick or stick on the skin.
    • Please keep out of reach of children.
    • When filling in, avoid using a water-based pen, please use a ballpoint pen, pencil, oil-based sign pen.
    • Because the adhesive side is the lower part, please turn over from the top.