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2021 Midori Gradation Diary Daylight Hours - Gray

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MIDORI, a Japanese stationery brand, offers a wide range of design-focused products that provide comfort and craftiness altogether.

This is a 2021 weekly vertical planner from stationery brand Midori in a beautiful dark gray.

The most unique feature of this planner is it's weekly vertical layout that expresses the length of the day from morning to night with a color gradient. Also indicates phases of the moon on each day.

Contents include: Annual calendar, Annual schedule, Monthly schedule (2020.12~2022.1), One-week vertical schedule (2020.12~2021.12), horizontal note, list of things to do in the morning, day and night, seasonal notes, annual plan for the season, custom check table for 3 months, 24 solar terms list and 2 string bookmarks.

Size: H 188 mm × W 132 mm × D 11mm
Total: 176 pgs, sewn binding
Made in Japan