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Lin Chia Ning Postage Stamp Paper Pad - No. 2

PLEASE NOTE: Sheets are blank and unfinished. They contain die cut postage shapes that you can tear out, stamp, stain and finish yourself.


Lin Chia Ning Postage Stamp Paper Pad - No. 2

This unique paper product are sheets of perforated and die cut postage stamp shapes to create a realistic postage stamp that you can customize with your own inks, stamps and paper effects.

The No. 2 includes 5 different cutting die x 7 sheets, a total of 35 sheets in one pack.

Paper is a one-side glazed white kraft paper. There is no adhesive, which allows more options for customizing and finishing. Papers can be stained also by soaking in tea or coffee for up to 1 hour.

First Photo shows ideas of how to finish/decorate the stamp sheets.  Sheets come BLANK and UNFINISHED.

PLEASE DO NOT use these homemade fake postage stamps on any package you intend on delivering via Post. This is NOT allowed and against the law in every region.

Materials: Paper
Pkg Size: 75mm x 110mm
Made in Taiwan