Lihao Paper - No.47 Screentone Postmark Handfeel Paper Tape

Lihao Paper

Screentone is a technique that applies shading and textures to drawings.  In this gorgeous, understated, scalloped edged postage die cut paper tape, a series of small dots create the substrate that amplifies the design of the postmark especially when additional layers are applied. This tape will be adored by those that have a love for graphic design, manga (where screentone is widely used), artists (who love to layer on a coloured background) and minimalists (who enjoy the simplicity of the pattern itself).

There are 18 different designs within the 78cm repeat cycle of this paper tape.  This is a paper tape and not a washi tape and can be dyed with coffee or tea to add a vintage element to the design of the tape without affecting the viscosity of the paper.

Please note that these postage stamps are not actually stamps and cannot be used as such to send mail.  They are for decorative purposes only.

Size:  45mm x 10m

Repeat cycle: 78cm