Lihao Paper - No.46 Stripes Postmark Matte PET Tape

Lihao Paper

Postage lovers and artists unite in this Stripes Postmark paper tape by Lihao Paper. The delicate scalloped edge, die cut postage stamps have a double line frame around a white interior, perfect for creating your very own mock postage stamps.  Because this is a paper tape (not washi tape) it can be dyed with coffee or tea to create a vintage look and it will not affect the viscosity of the paper. The sky is the limit with all of  the possibilities of what goes inside of the double frame, a stamped image, a drawing, glitter, a miniature painting, a tiny dried flower, a letter .... so many possibilities to choose from. Thankfully with 18 different designs within the 78cm repeat cycle you will have plenty of opportunity to create your own bespoke postage stamps. 

Please note that these postage stamps are not actually stamps and cannot be used as such to send mail.  They are for decorative purposes only.

Size:  45mm x 10m

Repeat cycle:  78cm