Lennon Tool Bar Fountain Pen Ink 30ml Bottle - 2023 Deep Mountain

Lennon Tool Bar

Initially a producer and proponent of indigo and indigo dying, this Taiwan brand has since moved into developing fountain pen inks showcasing the rainbow of blue hues found in the Indigo dying process. Their fountain pen inks are dye-based and available in three collections, Indigo, Formosa and their Limited Edition lines. The Indigo collection is inspired by indigo dye or "aizome" highlighting different shades in the dying process. The Formosa collection is inspired by places in Taiwan and their limited edition items are inspired by different themes such as teas.

This color draws inspiration from the villages that coexist harmoniously with ancient trees in Taiwan. In the past, massive iron-colored locomotives would transport these majestic trees down from the mountains, navigating the winding peaks. Upon reaching the plains, these sacred trees would be distributed to various locations, becoming the foundation for countless lives to flourish.

Size: 30ml