Lamy Joy Fountain Pen 1.5 - Strawberry


The Lamy Joy Strawberry is a stunning calligraphy pen that combines functionality with a vibrant design. Its striking red body is both eye-catching and ergonomic, designed to provide a comfortable writing experience for extended use. The Lamy Joy Strawberry is a special edition calligraphy fountain pen known for its striking red resin body and ergonomic design. It features a long, tapered shape with a flexible stainless steel nib, a 1.5 mm italic nib perfect for elegant, expressive writing. This pen is designed to provide a smooth, continuous ink flow, making it ideal for both novice and experienced calligraphers. The triangular grip ensures a comfortable and precise writing experience, while its compatibility with Lamy ink cartridges and converters offers versatility for using bottled inks​.

Length: 7" capped.