Kokuyo Karu Cut Washi Tape Cutter 20-25mm - Green

*PLEASE NOTE: This is for washi tapes measuring 20-25mm in tape width only.

This is for one standard Karu Cut in Green

The Kokuyo Karu Cut is a convenient little tool that affixes to washi tapes to easily tear desired lengths of tape without scissors.

Simply pinch the ends to open up the clip and affix to your roll of tape so that it is positioned equally within the length of the blade. Pull out the length you need and tear against the blade for an evenly torn edge. The Karu Cut slides easily over the the washi tape roll so that pulling the length you need is easy.  It can be stored on the roll of tape or moved from roll to roll as needed.

Measures: 17mm x 48mm x 20mm