Kanmido Coco Fusen Page S - Purple CFP2001


A thin case that can be used as a bookmark, the main body case is a palm-sized compact rectangular shape, and contains 120 sticky notes. It has a slim finish with a maximum thickness of 2.7 mm and a thickness of only 0.7 mm on both sides. As a result, it can be easily inserted into the pages of books and notebooks.

The sticky notes are semi-transparent and do not hide the letters underneath. They are thinner than paper and therefore do not add as much bulk. Thanks to the special surface treatment, you can write on it with an oil-based ballpoint pen or pencil. Use for highlighting, color coding and marking pages, text and sections.

Contains: 30 sheets each of 4 colors (total 120 sheets)

Label: 42mm x 6mm
Case body: 54 x approx. 115~120mm x 3.5mm (includes ribbon)