INKXPLORE! A Meeting for Ink Enthusiasts!

Paper Plus Cloth

Introducing INKXPLORE - a monthly ink party inspired by inku numa and scheduled for every last Wednesday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm 

Every last Wednesday of the month, INKXPLORE will introduce and distribute a new ink sample, and provide ink-friendly tools like glass pens and dip pens for attendees to experiment with. We're also developing fun items like printables and custom stamps to aid in creative swatching which we will change up at every meetup.

It will be an incredible evening of ink exploration and at the end of the night, we'll set aside time for anyone who wants to swap ink samples, so we can all share our passion for ink! We'll encourage discussion on favorite ink brands and their unique properties, such as shading and sheen. This type of meeting promotes creativity, exploration, and socialization among fountain pen 'n ink enthusiasts and those who are curious!

Seating is limited to our current class size, so be sure to register early to secure your spot. Cancellations allowed up to the 8th day before the meetup or earlier. 

What to bring
Your favourite fountain pens, fountain pen supplies, notebooks, inks and ink samples if you have some to swap/share!