Hobonichi Keiko Shibata A5 Cover - Gentle breeze in a dandelion field


Keiko Shibata's captivating artwork, "Breeze in the Dandelion Field," now graces the cover of the Hobonichi Techo. This design, part of her 2022 series themed around "wind," features a bear and a cat admiring dandelion fluff being carried away by a night breeze. The cover, printed on textured polyester fabric, enhances the warmth of the oil pastel work and includes detailed fluff illustrations on the back. Notice the expressive faces of the bear and cat, as well as the dandelion fluff that continues onto the pen holder's butterfly stopper.

Inside the cover, the card pocket also displays the dandelion fluff, complementing the two differently colored bookmark strings in white and yellow-green, each finished with a charm inspired by dandelion flowers. Keiko Shibata’s signature is a subtle addition to the left pocket.
Size: 337mm x 228mm x 3mm