Hobonichi A5 Tragen Cover


The name "tragen" translates to "to carry" in German, reflecting the practical yet stylish design of this item.

"Tragen" boasts a minimalist, smart appearance with an abundance of pockets, designed to cater to anyone's needs. Despite its tri-fold design with magnetic closures, it remains lightweight and comfortable to handle. The goal was to achieve a casual elegance that is effortlessly cool without excessive adornment. Crafted from soft, elegant nylon with a leather pull, the exterior zipper pocket expands thanks to a gusset, allowing you to carry all your essentials, including a pen. The cover features a discreet magnet closure, softened by a leather patch for a refined touch.

Inside, you'll find ample storage options, including a leather pocket on the right and four card pockets on the left. A pen hook secures your pen by its clip, ensuring it stays in place. Even when closed, the cover maintains a sleek silhouette. A rear pocket offers easy access to frequently used items like tickets or notepads, marked by a "handwrite" tag for a distinctive touch. Additionally, the front pocket also features a "handwrite" tag, serving as both a practical feature and a stylish accent. This design allows you to enjoy handwriting wherever you go with your favorite tools.
Size: 475mm x 223mm x 8mm