Hand Lettering Large Sampler

This sampler contains a wide array of brush pens for all kinds of hand lettering. From big bold brushes, to metallic brushes, to super fine brushes to the 0.4 emott for fine lines, there are enough pens in her to explore all kinds of creative ideas. 
This set includes:

1 - Kuretake Karappo brush pen to do some lettering in your favorite ink
2 - Le Pen Flex fine tip brush pen
3 - Pentel Dual Tip brush pen (medium and fine)
4 - Pentel Fude Brush Pen
5 - Tombow Brush Pen (random hard or soft tip)
6 - Zebra Metallic bold brush pen (random color)
7 - Zebra Brush Pen hard tip
8 - Emott 0.4 pen in black