Flat Pen Case with Clasp Closure Metal Frame - Dot Pattern

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MIDORI, a Japanese stationary brand, offers a wide range of design-focused products that provide comfort and craftiness altogether.

This slim and compact Flat Pen Case with Clasp Closure Metal Frame (Dot Pattern) is made of cotton paired with antique gold-plated metal. Crafted through the "Banshu weaving" of the Hyogo Prefecture, this case comes in simple chic design.


  • H85 x W 205 x D 15 mm (not including triangles)


  • Please note that use in wet condition with rain or sweat may cause color fading and color transfer.
  • Please push the side of the motif of the clasp with your finger and close it. The motif part is made delicate, so please do not twist and close the motif. Unreasonable force may be applied, causing distortion or damage, which may make opening and closing difficult.
  • Please be careful not to get your finger caught in the base part.
  • Please be aware that if you put something in it or shake it, it may damage the base.