Sora Moon Memo A7 360 Sheet Memo Pad - Silvery Crescent


Introducing the latest addition to the celestial lineup from the masterminds behind the acclaimed "Sora Calendar" - behold, the Sora Moon Memo. This condensed version of the original Sora Calendar faithfully captures the allure of moon phases and starry depictions in a silver theme. Rendered on the exquisite "Pure White Roll Paper," its front boasts a velvety smooth surface, while the back indulges in a tactile, textured feel, all enveloped in the hallmark transparency.

Each page dons the lunar age, a numerical journey from "1" to "29," tucked delicately in the lower left corner, inviting you to gracefully traverse the moon's captivating phases with every flip. Meanwhile, the lower right corner unveils enchanting illustrations, featuring constellations and rockets that dance across the celestial canvas.

With a bounty of 360 sheets, reminiscent of daily calendars, this memo pad transcends its lunar charm, ready to serve an array of purposes. Crafted with precision in Japan, it measures W74×H105×D18mm (A7)