PRE-ORDER: 2024 Traveler's Notebook Customized Sticker Set

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PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order for the 2024 run of Traveler's Notebook planners and accessories. Pre-orders will be available until we reach our fulfillment limit, and are expected to arrive in-store late October. 

Please note this when placing an order for both in-stock and pre order items. If in-stock items are included with your order, they will ship out when the pre-order arrives - together.  If you prefer to receive your in-stock items earlier, please place a separate order for in-stock items. 

A sticker set designed with Traveler's Notebook's yearly theme. Perfect for decorating and customizing the Traveler's Notebook diary with items such as indexes, pockets, schedule icons, lettering, and stickers that decorate the cover. 

This is a sticker set for customizing TRAVELER’S notebook that makes it more fun, including index and pocket stickers, icon stickers to represent different plans, dry transfer, and stickers to decorate the cover. The 2024 version features a design with a theme of “TRAVELER’S TOWN”. You can customize the cover of your 2024 dairy with stickers are designed for the TRAVELER'S TOWN


The theme for TRAVELER'S this year is TRAVELER'S TOWN.

TRAVELER'S TOWN has been a little quiet in recent years, but people are beginning to to travel the world again. The local shops — the coffee shop, record shop, diner and bookstore — are beginning to fill up, once again, with visitors from around the world. Conversations begin over neighboring cups of coffee and visitors come to find that they use the same notebook, which has brought them to TRAVELER'S TOWN.

Travelers from many backgrounds fill the town with life and an infusion of energy. May you find company in your travels in TRAVELER'S TOWN.

Product Details

Contents: Customized sticker, instant letter sticker, index sticker, schedule sticker, transparent round sticker, film pocket sticker
6 pieces PET, paper

Size: H210 × W110 × D1mm
Material: Paper 
Made in Japan