2024 Take A Note B6 Medium Weeks Planner

Take A Note


About the Take A Note Planner

The Take A Note planner was a winner of the Good Design Award in 2017, and was the first Taiwanese brand to win this distinction. It's designer, Santin Aki is both a designer and photographer. Aki's travels and collaborations with artists all over the world has influenced the evolution of the Take A Note planner. Find out more about their Good Design Award here.

The minimalist design promises great freedom and different ways to use, making the planner your personal life recorder.

Planner Highlights At A Glance

The B6 Medium Weeks is a brand new design concept from Take A Note for 2024! This version features a layout and page design that is simpler, lighter, and more flexible.
  • Size: B6 (12.8 × 18.2 cm)
  • Page Count: 224 pages
  • Inner Pages: Tomoe River Paper 68gsm / White with 2.0 and 4.0 mm grid lines
  • Thanks to the exposed spine binding, the planner lies flat when open.
  • Yearly + Monthly Overview: Dec. 2023 - March 2025
  • Weekly Layout: Two days per page (equals four pages per week) / Jan. - Dec. 2024
  • For the A6 size only, weekly plan includes information about Taiwan holidays, lunar calendar dates, and festivals (rather than English). The weekdays are in English.
  • 4 note pages at the back to fill with whatever you'd like!
  • With printed page numbers and gridded pages, the planner works for bullet journaling.

Planner Details

Weekly Plan (Two pages per Week)

The TAN comes with yearly, monthly, weekly and daily views.

In the B6 planner, most of the spreads consist of a two-page-per-week layout. Monday to Wednesday are displayed on the left page, and Thursday to Sunday are on the right page, so when you have your planner laid open before you, you can view your entire week across the open book. Rather than a vertical timeline, days are divided into morning, mid-day and evening "zones", plus plenty of blank gridded space below, which provides more flexibility when planning.

Each day also shows the phases of the moon. 

Calendar and Yearly Gantt Chart

The first few pages in the TAN planner comprise of an annual calendar and yearly Gantt chart. The annual view spans September 2023 to April 2025, so it is useable from the moment you receive your planner. The 2024 B6 features a dual-color design to distinguish between working days and holidays.

The horizontal Yearly Gantt chart (Jan - Dec 2024) allows users to note important events (holidays, birthdays, etc.) or can be used for habit tracking. The B6 design features a newly designed habit tracking table with increased writing space!

Vertical Gantt Chart Yearly Plan

The vertical yearly plan gives you an overall view of the year. The vertical planner can be helpful for planning long-term projects, as well as a habit tracking table. Extra spacing are added at the bottom of this section to provide more space for notes.

Monthly Plan

Take A Note's monthly view comes with ample grid space surrounding the monthly calendar. These can be divided into different sections for different months such as monthly tasks and goals. The monthly view spans December 2023 to March 2025.

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