2024 Hobonichi A6 Folder Set of 3 - Yumi Kitagishi: Little Gifts


A set of three designs by illustrator Yumi Kitagishi . The first one is a “souvenir” that matches the 2024 version of the notebook cover. Design includes carefully drawn items that Mr. Kitagishi cherishes. Seal snow globes, face purses, cat stamps, rose flower tea bags... All of them are encrusted like glittering treasures. The second one has a different "souvenir" motif. The background is brown. The third one is “Mite Mite”, which matches the 2024 version of Weeks. The animals are dressed up in their own way and so adorable. Smoky blue was chose for the background. A nice clear file set that allows you to carry around Yumi Kitagishi's works. Fit it in the pocket of the notebook cover.

Size: 105mm wide x 148mm long x 0.4mm thick