Mailbox Rentals v2

Introducing: Paper Plus Cloth Mailbox Rentals!

With new products coming in weekly sometimes it makes sense to want to consolidate your orders and ship out 1 large shipment vs multiple smaller ones. Processing and keeping track of multiple orders over a period of time, in order to send out as 1 shipment is not difficult for a small number of customers, but for many customers, it takes a lot of physical space and administrative work.

Due to the overwhelming requests we receive to do this, this option will only be available to customers who request to "rent a mailbox" for a small fee.

What is a Mailbox Rental?
Essentially, you will be renting out a storage box at the store so you can order items at your convenience and they will be processed and stored in your box until you are ready to have them shipped out, or your orders have reached our “ship by” threshold - whichever is sooner. This saves on multiple shipping fees and helps make sure you don't miss out on limited items that sell quickly.

How does the Mailbox work?
If you receive an email confirming availability of a mailbox, simply order as usual and use your Mailbox # as the coupon code so you won’t be charged for shipping.Your order will then be processed and added to your mailbox. This option is useful for customers with more than 2 orders in a month.

Your orders will be marked Ready to Ship as soon as one of the following happens (whichever happens first): 

  • when the amount of your orders reaches $500 USD
  • when 4wks have lapsed from your last order
  • when you request your orders to be shipped

You will be invoiced for the final shipping cost + a mailbox fee of $10/mth. Upon payment your order will ship with tracking and insurance.

How can I request a Mailbox?
Please send us an email to indicate your interest, and when you would like to start your mailbox and for how many months.

We will email you back a confirmation if we are able to accommodate based on availability.