Traveler's Notebook Accessories - Mizuhiki Charms - A Stamp Caravan Special Edition Workshop

Date: Saturday, Nov 30, 2019
Time: 12:30am - 2:30pm
In celebration of the Traveler's Notebook Stamp Caravan we are running a series of special workshops to customize and personalize your Traveler's Notebook.

In this workshop, we will be hand crafting beautiful and useful mizuhiki charms

The craft of Mizuhiki dates back to 607AD and has since evolved into a tradition of knotting Japanese paper twine into ornamental knots to adorn gifts as a symbol of affection, warmth and togetherness. Previously, the Traveler's Company produced beautiful Mizuhiki knots as charms for the elastic closure on their Traveler's Notebooks. You will learn to make your own charms to be used as you like - as a charm to adorn your Traveler's Notebook, to adorn your own gifts (or snail mail) or fashioned as a bookmark for a notebook or planner. The possibilities are many.. A great accessory to gift or to keep. 

All supplies enough for several mizuhiki charms and it's use as a charm or bookmark will be provided. Japanese paper cord for additional charms will be available on site for an additional cost of $1 per strand. 

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