The Art of the Travel Journal with Schmoo Theune and Marina Dempster

Workshop Details
Date: July 29th, 2019
Time: 11:00am - 4:00pm 

What do you want to think about on your travels?
What do you want to record and remember?

This is a workshop for anyone who has a desire to experience with ease and flow, how the ritual of art journaling can be the creation of both a personalized road map from which to navigate, while simultaneously recording the wonder of the journey.

Two masterful artists share their processes! Schmoo Theune, San Francisco visual storyteller based in Berlin, will instruct us how to beautifully prepare a blank travel journal in anticipation of a trip, using pen, ink and watercolor. 

Multidisciplinary artist Marina Dempster, will then lead us through some writing and drawing prompts, and collage and paper folding techniques to experience how we can create meaningful images through simple observations and intuitive choices using the found materials we collect.

Included in this workshop is a new journal, some customized tools, and access to all the other tools and materials necessary required. You are welcome to bring your own favorite watercolors, pens or other materials you may wish to play with.

This workshop will undoubtedly be a creative energy boost that equips you with both the insight and tools to invite and ignite your personal practice often while at home or away. It is also a beautiful opportunity to spend the day creating with other journaling enthusiasts.

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