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2021 Traveler's Notebook Customized Sticker Set

2021 Traveler's Notebook Refill - Regular Size - Weekly Vertical

A sticker set designed with Traveler's Notebook's yearly theme. Perfect for decorating and customizing the Traveler's Notebook diary with items such as indexes, pockets, schedule icons, lettering, and stickers that decorate the cover. 

The 2021 customized stickers are book-themed Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Saint-Exupery's Night Flight, Somerset Maugham's The Moon and Sixpence, and Kajii Motojiro's Lemon. Designed with the motif of literary works that make you feel the journey of the world. By sticking it on the cover of the diary and customizing it, masterpieces from around the world will color your journey in 2021.

Contents: Customized sticker, instant letter sticker, index sticker, schedule sticker, transparent round sticker, film pocket sticker
6 pieces PET, paper

Size: H210 × W110 × D1mm
Material: Paper 
Made in Japan

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