Mizushima Clear Stamps Boxed Set - Wild Flower


This is a boxed set of clear polymer stamps from Mizushima - to be used with an acrylic block mount (2 blocks included). There are 37 flower part designs!

“Mizushima was founded in 2006 by a polka dot lover designer and a shop owner who adores stripes. The brand was named after Polka dots (Mizutama) and Stripes (Shima-shima), patterns which are simple, widely loved and never out of date. Finding inspirations in Japanese craftmanship and selecting fine materials, they create simple but unique, well-designed and sometimes funny stationery. Their products are different from mass produced items in their quality and texture”.

Please note:

  • Keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures.
  • Take care not to cut or rip the stamp when removing it from the sheet.
  • Solvent inks or cleaners may cause degeneration if allowed to adhere to the stamp for a prolonged period of time.

*Stamp sizes approximately range from  1mm ~ 9mm × 3.5mm ~ 16mm depending on the design.

Acrylic block size: 37mm × 50mm x 5mm

Paper box size: 65mm × 105mm × H25mm


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