Kamio Mini Dots - Seasonal Colour Flake Stickers - 37 Color of White Dew

Observing how the colours change each season is a favourite pastime of many.  Kamio has released a new series of mini sticker flake dots that take us from the colour of rainwater all the way to the winter solstice.  In these pretty little packages you receive 9 different colours (5 sticker flakes of each colour).  Each colour comes in a little plastic pocket that you can cut for easier portability or organizing.  These translucent sticker flakes are fantastic for highlighting dates in your planners or calendars.  They are also great layered to create new colour combinations and designs or even a really cute small venn diagram.  

Size:  15mm diameter, 9 colours/package, 5 of each colour for a total of 45 sticker flakes per package

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