Hobonichi A5 Pencil Board - Jin Kitamura: Love It Panda


One of the most popular Hobonichi Techo original stationery items is the Hobonichi Pencil Board.
The size is perfect for each notebook body, so the ballpoint pen does not slip and the page is less likely to be uneven, making the notebook much more comfortable to write. It also functions as a bookmark that shows the "today" page when inserted in a notebook.

Illustrator and picture book author Hitoshi Kitamura's cute panda illustrations are available in all three sizes. Born in Tokyo in 1981, he illustrated multiple books such as "And Life Continues" (by Gen Hoshino/Bungeishunju) and "Boku no Mamoru Hoshi" (by Akane Kanda/Shueisha). He also worked on TV commercials for AC Japan's "Japan Guide Dog Association".

Size: 147mm wide x 215mm long x 0.4mm thick

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