Hobonichi A5 Cover on Cover - Kanako Kagaya: Familiar Sights


This is a "Cover on Cover" type (for the original size) with an illustration that fits over the Hobonichi Techo cover to protect it from scratches and dirt. You can change the look completely
by attaching it to a plain cover such as "Colors". Kanako Kagaya, who is active as a designer and illustrator, worked on the design of "The Usual Scenery" . The theme of this design is “wrapping paper to wrap a notebook”. She drew a lot of motifs that she often sees in her daily life . There are delicious things such as pudding and fried eggs, cute creatures such as dogs and cats, gloves and keys, steel towers and traffic lights. Some of them have unusual motifs. The slanted lines are printed with silver ink to create a cute yet elegant impression. This product does not have a pocket slit on the outside of the cover so that you can enjoy the full illustration.

Size: Width 347mm x Height 238mm x Thickness 0.6mm

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